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HSBC - KSNP Green Partnership - COMPLETED

14 Jun 2012

Started in 2012, this 2 year project is to help communities at Kuala Selangor to learn to care for the environment by understanding and appreciating the natural heritage of Kuala Selangor and taking actions to preserve and protect their own back yard and communities.

The Kuala Selangor coastline is recognized as one of the important staging and wintering sites for migratory water birds due to its extensive mudflats and mangroves. These habitats also support the robust local economy though its fisheries communities. Various sea products like jellyfish and cockles are exported to East Asian markets.

However, lack of awareness among local communities of Kuala Selangor in appreciating the importance of the mangrove forest is a concern as the locals are believed to be poachers and the habit of littering into the water systems, drains and streams are one of the main reasons for rubbish deposits to flow into the mangrove forest. 

Through the Green Partnership programme with HSBC, the mangrove biodiversity has improved and the environmental education facilities and programmes in Kuala Selangor Nature Park have been upgraded too thus increasing park visitors and the park activities. And to enhance the effectiveness of this partnership, KSNP is being used as an environmental education centre to educate the local community of the precious mangroves in their midst.

Therefore, using KSNP as the focal point, these programme activities focused on engaging students and local communities in exploring local ecosystems and encountering local environment issues together. Students were first given lectures and practical sessions after which they were assigned to community based projects. The students worked with the local community to explore local environmental issues. Upon completion, students presented the outcome of the project and was shared with the local communities.

This programme targetted 80 students from 4 schools for 2 months. All the students took 3 months to study and conduct activities for each theme.

HSBC has been a consistent support to Kuala Selangor Nature park in terms of funding and participating in the park activities and organizing their CSR activities in the park. HSBC’s contribution towards promoting the conservation of Kuala Selangor’s natural heritage is very apparent through this Green Partnership.   

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