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JustLife Group Sdn Bhd supports MNS for the Wetlands Wanderer project- COMPLETED

14 Nov 2013

JustLife Group team with the MNS team at Sepang Environmental Interpretive Centre (EIC)

Sepang EIC is the latest MNS Environment Education Centre founded in 2009. Stategically located at the south of Selangor complementing the Kuala Selangor Nature Park to promote conservation awareness through community engagement and education. Wetlands Wanderer is a project to further develop an interpretive trail and habitat gardens, greening the building, upgrading the exhibits and getting more communities to use the Centre. Our latest partner JustLife Group Sdn Bhd came on board to support MNS financially for this project. 

It is JustLife’s intention to share their philosophy and their eco friendly practices so that the Sepang EIC will be a showcase for green practices in its building and its materials use. Practical habits like the 3Rs, green healthy living like the herb gardens with pesticide and nitrate free, energy saving and eco friendly inks and recycled papers for CEPA (Communications, Education & Public Awareness) materials are also incorporated in this project.  All this implementation will achieve higher impact with the mindset change of the staff and the local communities around.

As eco friendly champions themselves, it is JustLife’s hope to have the Sepang community involvement in eco friendly practices. Therefore, the staff of Sepang EIC are expected to do some work the traditional way like some woodwork, using the “changkul” and hand weeding.

The project will start off as a CSR activity for JustLife in November 2013 where about 40 staffs will do some planting along the trails and fence, setting up the nursery, widening the water feature and planting the coastal, herb and aromatics garden. They will share the JustLife eco ways to the staffs and maybe audit the EIC for suggestions in greening the centre.

In the pipeline here are what they are planning to do at Sepang EIC under this project:

  • a visit to the Bagan Lallang or the mangrove planting site in Sepang Kecil.
  • help source for locally made eco friendly paint with non-VOC to paint the centre.

In financial terms, JustLife will help in: rain water harvesting and solar panels (for the EIC and gardens), upgrading the exhibitions, creating CEPA materials for Sepang area; creating an interpretive mangrove trail, setting up security fencing and a herbal, aromatic and coastal plant educational garden and relevant CEPA programes for KPA and local communities.

For more information, please contact
Ms.Sashikala Manikam / Norlaila Bte Ahmad Fahmi
Tel: 03-31422748   Fax: 03-31422749  
Email: /

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